Welding experts fabricating items such as cheese racks, base feet, grills, trolleys and baskets from wires, rods and stainless steel profiles.

Our designs use the following grades: 204Cu, 304L, 316L, etc….

Our aim is to develop innovative and customised solutions the implementation of which guaranrees you the best economic outcome without affecting quality requirements.


TDV has made significant investments in its range of machinery, one of the most modern in Europe in this sector, as well as in its surface treatment tanks using the latest technology to cope with the manufacture of large, medium and small series while mainting the best quality/price ratio.


Our welding expertise means we are able to manufacture all types of products using stainless steel rods, wire and flat iron. We offer a wide range of products: stainless steel trolleys, stainless steel baskets, autoclave baskets, stainless steel food baskets, all types of stainless steel grills and stainless steel trellises.


Agro-food sector: Dairies, Delicatessens, Caterers, Bakeries, Cake Shops, Fishmongers etc. Medical Sector: Hospital Equipment, Sterilisation, Pharmaceutical Laboratories. Industrial Sector: Automobiles, Factory Mechanisation. Any specific mecahnical-welded requirements for stainless steel.


Experts in the welding sector are available and will be able to offer a solution to your technical constraints. From your projects, we take care of the design and manufacturing with mechanical precision in mind.


TDV is affiliated to the Novametal group (Switzerland) pooling metallurgy experts and processes specialists


In the heart of the French Vosges Blue Mountains, TDV is ecologically responsible and invests in the latest technologies to protect the environment.


We believe people are our main asset. TDV is engaged in ambitious training and personal development programs. Together we keep abreast with the best techniques and practices, going forward to an agile company with flexible mindset and responsiveness.


We foster the development of innovative and bespoke solutions to reach the best value proposition, without downgrading your quality expectations.

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