Thread Inox

Thread Inox

Examples of welded products

Stainless steel grid

In the agro-food industry

Manufactured for the development of dairy and cheese products for the transformation of meat and fish, our products are only manufactured from stainless steel wire to meet sanitary hygiene requirements in the agro-food sector. We manufacture stainless steel baskets, graters and stainless steel grills of all sizes. More often than note, the starting point for our products is the client’s requirements. Our surface treatments guarantee the quality of a finished product which is ready to use and meets the strictest hygiene requirements. Products delivered with a sanded/passivated or electro-polished finish.

In the various industries

We also work with the pharmaceutical sector to manufacture sterilisation equipment such as baskets and autoclave bases, stainless steel baskets with placements or not, grills, trolleys. We manufacture finished stainless steel products for multiple sectors such as the automobile industry as well as complex wire parts intended to be integrated. We have full mastery of our processes and thus can guarantee the best quality.