Key dates

1958: Incorporation of Trefileries des Vosges, a wire drawing factory

1960’s: TDV strengthens its cold-rolling competence and becomes the European leader for ski edges

1970’s: TDV expands the scope of materials and becomes the sole supplier to the well-known miniature train brand for railway tracks in nickel silver

1990’s: Strategic focus on fine filtration.TDV becomes the leader of small-sections shaped wire

2000’s and 2010’s: change of ownership and subsequent investments in state-of-the-art technology and equipments

TDV spearheads new growth-driven markets in Asia, Middle East and Americas


The Company

TDV was established in 1958 as TREFILERIES DES VOSGES as a wire drawing company. Located in the heart of the Vosges mountains (France), this region has been the centre of metallurgy industries since the 17th century.

TDV Profile is the leading specialist of precision cold-rolled shaped wire out of stainless steels, carbon steels and non-ferrous metals.

The fully renovated factory covers 10,000 m² and adjacent HQ gather multi-skills teams of 70 persons.

TDV Profile state-of-the-art cold-rolling lines cover a wide range of shapes from cross-section of 0.34mm² to 45mm². Our minimum profile width can go down to 0.45mm.

TDV is the largest manufacturer of profile wire for cross-section up to 45mm²

Within this range, TDV Profile produces multiples forms and co-design with our customers the right shapes as per their specifications.

Our profile wire products range unfolds as follows:
Wedge Wire
Flat profile wire
Ovals / semi-ovals
With natural round or sharp edges
Controlled radius
Hexagons and other special shapes
Beam -shape wire for ventilation spacers


The standard rolled products comply with current standards (EURONORM, DIN etc). For special profiles, our experience allows us to help our clients in their continuous search for more and more restrictive tolerances. Therefore, for certain profiles, we guarantee a dispersion of 1/100th mm over a 10km length.


Numerous options are readily available:
wooden or steel recyclable spools from 50 kg up to 1 ton of wire
coils from 20kg up to 1 ton
straight bars up to 6.50 metres