Since 1958, Tréfileries des Vosges, now TDV PROFILE, is crafting precision cold-rolled shaped wire, servicing customers worldwide


Covering major standards (AISI, EN, JIS, ASTM, NACE,…) mastering transformation of numerous materials: stainless steels, nickel alloys, nickel silver, titanium, and other non-ferrous… TDV can shape all sorts of forms from wedge wire to flat semi-ovals. Discover TDV main profiles for screens here.


TDV has the solutions for your manufacturing of screening, separation, sieving, filtration or architectural equipments. From triangular wedge wire to tailor-made shapes, TDV supplies the industries of Oil&Gas, petrochemical, beer and other food processing, pulp&paper, mining, power generation, water treatment, etc. Find the materials we shape here.


ISO 9001 certified, TDV uniquely combines more than 50 years of metals cold-rolling expertise with state-of-the-art equipment. TDV installations comprise numerous cold-rolling lines with full laser-controlled continuous measurement, heat treatment facilities including strand annealing furnaces, 3-D CAD tools and digital control devices.


With commercial and technical support teams across the globe, TDV is the leading manufacturer of shaped wire for sections up to 45mm². Find us here.


TDV is affiliated to the Novametal group (Switzerland) pooling metallurgy experts and processes specialists


In the heart of the French Vosges Blue Mountains, TDV is ecologically responsible and invests in the latest technologies to protect the environment.


We believe people are our main asset. TDV is engaged in ambitious training and personal development programs. Together we keep abreast with the best techniques and practices, going forward to an agile company with flexible mindset and responsiveness.


We foster the development of innovative and bespoke solutions to reach the best value proposition, without downgrading your quality expectations.

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